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There are two main reasons to recycle concrete and asphalt. The first is efficiency—often, the cost to recycle material is less than the cost of disposing of material in a landfill. That, coupled with the cost savings on the use of recycled material, makes recycling an economically appealing option. Secondly, recycling is more environmentally ...By recycling unwanted concrete and asphalt, you keep it out of landfills and help conserve natural resources used to mine for new materials. In addition to concrete and asphalt, we accept unwanted dirt, sod, brush, tile, and granite. CLEAN asphalt (UNDER 2') $6.00 per ton CLEAN asphalt (OVER 2') $8.00 per ton CLEAN asphalt millings $2.00 per ton

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We do many services, including asphalt and concrete recycling. We are Portland Sand & Gravel in Portland, OR. Email: [email protected] | Hours (March thru September): Monday thru Friday - 7:30 am to 4:00pm, Saturday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pmConcrete & Asphalt Recycling - Paso Robles, Atascadero, North County. Viborg Sand & Gravel is one of the original innovators of and owners of one of the largest and "greenest" recycling operations in San Luis Obispo County. Our recycling operation crushes concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks, brick walls and asphalt spoils, and turns it into a ...

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Gorilla Materials, Inc. specializes in concrete and asphalt recycling. The majority of our work comes from demolition and reconstruction projects. The process involves taking the recovered concrete, brick, rock or asphalt and …A recycling agent is used to soften and rejuvenate the existing asphalt pavement. Pavement is the top layer of roadway, and is made of portland cement concrete (PCC) or AC. The pavement is supported by the base and sub-base, which consist of aggregate and other materials. The pavement can be crushed and used as recycled aggregate base or, if it ...

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Although the use of recycled asphalt materials (RAM) in new asphalt mixtures can reduce the amount of and nonrenewable materials required and increase the rutting resistance of pavements, it may also compromise cracking resistance. To mitigate this issue, asphalt mixtures containing RAM may require the use of a softer binder or recycling ...ASPHALT CONCRETE RECYCLING Industrial Aggregates – Asphalt and Concrete Recycling, Colorado Springs 2104 Janitell Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 719-322-8588 ACR supplies recycled Industrial Construction Aggregates, producing a variety of grades and types of clean recycled concrete and asphalt materials.

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There are two main reasons to recycle concrete and asphalt. The first is efficiency—often, the cost to recycle material is less than the cost of disposing of material in a landfill. That, coupled with the cost savings on the …Emery Concrete & Asphalt Recycling. Emery Materials is a recycling company with over twenty-five years of experience in the reprocessing of concrete and asphalt. Here at Emery's, we are committed to providing customers with recycled aggregate that is eco friendly, less expensive, and just as reliable as natural aggregate.

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Recycling can prolong the life of current landfills. According to the CMRA, 140 million tons of C&D (concrete & demolition products) are recycled yearly. In 2011 alone, recycling America's roads saved about 21.2 million barrels of liquid asphalt binder worth some $2.2 billion. The asphalt industry initiated recycling long before legislation ...OPEN TO THE PUBLIC Allied Recycled Aggregates produces hundreds of thousands of tons of recycled concrete and asphalt each year. Our recycled material prices are some of the most competitive. Skip to content. 303-289-3366 ... Concrete and Asphalt Recycling & Disposal.

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For asphalt driveway removals, you can call asphalt milling professionals who will remove the top layer of asphalt and recycle it into new paving materials. The cost to have asphalt milled is usually between $10-20 per ton. 3. Use It in Your Own Landscaping You can use recycled concrete, in blocks or chunks, in your landscaping as well.Uses of recycled concrete. Once the concrete and asphalt rubble is processed it becomes Class II A/B base rock and is used for various construction projects. It is used as the base for highway and road construction, foundations, and …

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Concrete and asphalt recycling; Construction and demolition debris recycling; Roll off service; gravel available; Pool water delivered; Our Prices and Operation Hours. Material -7% Sales Tax $35.00 minimum fee; Weigh fee: $20.00 EA: 3" fractured concrete: $22.30 TN: 3" fractured limestone: $24.00 TN: CA11 washed stone 1/2-3/4"Concrete & Asphalt Recycling Turns a Liability into Money! Many new developments require the demolition of old structures generating massive amounts of waste. Demolition generates mountains of concrete, asphalt and masonry. Mobile crushing plants reduce chunked materials in size to be reused as base or fill material in the construction process ...

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JEV Recycling specializes in concrete and asphalt recycling. We accept various sizes of concrete and asphalt and process all material at our Woodinville location. We resell in different product sizes for different use. Our goal at JEV is to keep these materials out of our landfills as well as provide a less expensive alternative to rock.Like reclaimed asphalt, recycled concrete benefits the economy and environment in multiple ways, including: Freeing up a lot of landfill space that debris from concrete otherwise occupies You will find recycled a far more cost-friendly source of aggregate than the one newly mined It reduces tippage and the charges of freight relatively.

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Keep concrete and asphalt out of the landfill. Our recycled concrete and asphalt are 5/8″ minus, 1.25″ minus or 2 – 4" Crushed. Great for road base, driveways, and compatible fill. Our recycled asphalt is great as topcoat over …Whether you are a homeowner with questions or concerns about your residential property, or the large commercial contractor in need of documentation to get the job done – We are experienced in all levels. Just ask any reputable local contractor – big or small, our reputation speaks for itself. Tetz Asphalt Middletown NY - 845-344-4486 Tetz ...

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We provide clean Asphalt & Concrete recycling, and aggregate materials, Base, Sand, Pea gravel, 3/4" Rock, 3/8" Rock and Asphalt Grind materials for purchase.For more information on dumping Broken Concrete or Broken Asphalt Call (847) 628-6650. • Please make every effort to call in orders to the plants no later than 1:00pm for the following day. • All materials subject to availability, call plant to confirm. • Prices are F.O.B. at plant locations and subject to change without notice.

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Save time and resources with our full-service recycling solutions. Unlike our competitors, we accept mixed loads of materials, not just clean concrete or asphalt. With Alpine Asphalt & Concrete Recycling, there's no need to pick through your loads. We can accept loads containing red brick, petro-mat, clay, and wire mesh (additional fees will ...Moore Asphalt Inc – Using asphalt and concrete recycling, we turn the materials into aggregate products like clean rock and grade 8 Rock in Millstadt, Illinois. Moore Asphalt (618) 476-1584. Moore Recycling (618) 473-2235. Home; Asphalt Sales & Service. Asphalt Paving & Sealing; Oil & Chip Paving; Commercial Parking Lots;

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We help keep concrete and asphalt materials out of landfills. Concrete and asphalt are materials that often end up in the landfill for no reason. Out of 358 million tons of C&D debris, 23 million was concrete in 2015. Recycled concrete can be used for a multitude of products. From walkways and raised beds to road base and backfill.Concrete & asphalt disposal and purchase | Mon - Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm Saving the environment and your pocket book. Current Services Occasionally products or services may be unavailable due to industry conditions. ... Established in 2001, Concrete Recycling Inc. (CRI) is your one-stop shop for concrete & asphalt disposal and purchasing. ...

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